About D Team 2014-11-23 – Posted in: Design

In 2xxx, a meteorite collided with Earth. Along with the severe damage coursed by the impact, a toxic gas was released from the meteorite which almost led to the extinction of most life forms on Earth including most of mankind.
Those lucky enough to survive the disaster suffered from mutations due to the virus from the toxic gas.
People closer to the impact were more heavily effected by the virus and mutated into ferocious creatures with super human strength.
After years of war between the survivors, only two factions remained, waging constant battle against each other. On one side stood the ”Government of Gravity” which possessed most of Earth’s resources on and on the other side, the fierce and ruthless ”Axis of Evil”.

During the continuous wars between the two sides, the Government of Gravity constantly found themselves outnumbered and struggling to keep up with its enemy’s large number of troops. The Government of Gravity decided to hire groups of mercenaries from over all the world – among them the group known as D Team was the strongest. All members of the D Team came from different backgrounds and joined the Government of Gravity to protect their homes and countries. For the safety of their beloved ones, they had to conceal their identities behind masks and chose a Hanzi (Chinese character) to replace their real name.

2xxx年異星墜落地球,墜落時的衝擊與夾雜的病毒與毒氣對地球產生極其嚴重的改變,大多數的人類與動植物因此而滅絕,而存活下來的人類與生物因異星上的落塵病毒產生了進化與退化的影響,越靠近異星墜落點的生物越兇殘能力也越強,經過多年的爭戰,最終形成了兩股巨大勢力不斷拉扯,分別是擁有地球資源的重力政府與極為兇殘的邪惡軸心,兩國爭戰不斷,重力政府雖擁有軍隊但始終趨於弱勢,於是對內外征召各方傭兵團體反制,其中以D Team最為強悍!所有隊員為各方職人,為求保衛家人,需配戴面具,並取一漢字作為代號,增加其隱密強度,才得已全力捍衛國土及家園⋯⋯