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This is the debut of our second main character – Sha, one of the D Team members and a former shark hunter. Due to his facination of sharks, the strongest predator of the ocean, he named himself Sha (Chinese word for Shark).
The thruster on his underwater gear was made of scrap mechanical parts but was unfortunately damaged during one of his earlier shark hunts and wasn’t repaired due to lack of resources. Only after Sha joined the D Team, the thruster was finally fixed by the technicians and was even upgraded with extra propulsive force. His weapon of choice was a maguro bōchō, an upgraded and enlarged tuna cutter originally used to dissect tuna.
Since Sha was at the other side of the Earth at the moment of the meteorite strike the virus only had little influence on him. The only difference between him and other people is his superhuman speed.

此次登場為本司第二角色 鯊,隸屬於D Team —原職為獵鯊者,因他熱愛鯊魚這種海中霸王,於是取名為鯊,背上的水中推進器是由地表殘存機械拼湊而成,卻因為某次獵鯊行動受損,因缺乏零件無法修復,直到加入D Team 後,再由其技師團修復及改造,並增加推進器強度及威力,手中武器為自改巨型鮪魚刀(取名屠鯊刃),過去當異星墜落時他正處於地表的另一端,所以對鯊並無太大的影響或感受,唯一不同的是他的速度異於常人⋯⋯